Join Public DriftX Event. Always check your map ( a bit north of LS ) for Event Start Zone.

Perform Drift Trials on Drift Maps (F1 > Drift Trials).

Participate in freeroam drift in Los Santos or on Drift Maps. (F1 > Teleport)

Drift Speed Cameras

There are 15 Speed Cams around Los Santos. (F1 > Speedboard)

Just be sure you are drifting while passing the cameras.

First time passing each camera gives a bigger reward.

Spin Casino

Try your luck at the Spin Casino every 6 hours.

Regular prizes between 10.000. and 50.000$.

Chance to get JACKPOT of 1.000.000$.

Chance to win a rare car.

Mechanic Reward

Collect your Mechanic reward daily (Paleto Bay Mechanic Garage).

The reward increases each day with your loyalty.

City Jobs

Perform city jobs to earn money.

Trashmaster Job ( Collect garbage’s from up to 10 locations )

DHL Parcel Collector ( Collect DHL parcels up to 100 )

Burgershot Delivery ( Deliver up to 10 orders )

Drug Delivery ( Deliver up to 10 drug locations )