September 18, 2023〡Drift Event

Increased reward for remaining seconds, for all participants. More time remaining, the bigger reward will be. Less money received for total points, so extending your score and delaying the end of event is not really beneficial for participants!

September 15, 2023〡Money Exchange

Starting with Season 4, we changed how .exchange discord command works. So instead of instantly converting coins to in-game money, to avoid coins loss because of bot update, we decided to make them as transactions, which player must collect after exchange from in-game Pacific Bank (yellow dollar sign from map). If you use .exchange command until Season 4 Start, you’ll be able to collect your money from Bank in-game after Season 4 Start!

September 15, 2023〡HUD

Major HUD change, again. Removed ForzaHorizon 4 rounded map and got back to original GTA5 square minimap. Also all notifications moved from top right to bottom left corner, on top of minimap. Help buttons hud was moved to the right side of the screen. Controll HUDs with J key or using /hud chat command.